Dedicated to growth

Our team believes that without constant, strategic growth, there is no future.

As a customer-first organisation, we work collaboratively with your company to empower profound technological transformations that allow your business to stand out amongst the competition.

Our team builds strong, connected value chains that support long-term growth and provide your business with a variety of options at affordable costs using sustainable practices.

We support your success through deep industry knowledge, solid Oracle and Salesforce implementation experience, and a collaborative, consultative approach. We aim to build
relationships and earn trust, becoming an extension of your team.

Innovating your Supply Chain through an opinion-led approach

Your customers’ needs are changing. We help you change with them.

Our team guides our clients through systemic, ground-breaking change, turning traditional supply chains into customer-centric models that can meet your customers’ ever-changing expectations.

We do this by starting each engagement with a strong opinion-led framework gained through years of experience and industry knowledge. Our goal is to ensure your company can provide customers with fast shipping, real-time tracking, and a superior online experience.

Through our consultative solution, we:

Implement new sales and service channels connected to your entire product catalogue, inventory, and orders, creating a seamless process that maximises your company’s working capital.

Optimise your manufacturing operations through intelligent, automated technical solutions that provide your company with a holistic view of its supply chain.

Support strategic and operational planning while eliminating waste, lowering costs and minimising wastage.

Empower innovation and help clients increase profits through new product development by integrating customer channels into the product lifecycle management process.

Leading with growth mindset

As leaders, our executive team encourages our people to strive for consistent growth, both personally and professionally. We encourage our teams to do their best by:

Providing the resources, industry knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive.

Encouraging our teams to focus on long-term relationships over short-term engagements.

Investing in our employees, ensuring they are able to dedicate their time and energy at every stage of each engagement.

Holding our people accountable. We expect our teams to act with integrity and follow our values. This includes transparent, honest communication and a commitment to our customer-centric approach.

Our purpose is to empower our clients, our partners, and our people so they can thrive. We owe our success to our team’s expertise. From key decision-making to everyday conversations, our goal is always to put our clients first and empower our people to do their best.

As a company, we lead with integrity, humility and transparency. Our team’s well-being matters. Their work is important, and it should always bring them joy. Our values are shown through our collaboration, both internally and with our clients and partners. By listening and learning from each other, we have created a cycle of continual innovation.

Our team works with the Autonomy, Master, and Purpose (AMP) framework, which guides us to:

  • Trust our people to make the right choices (Autonomy)
  • Give our people the resources and coaching they need to reach their potential (Master)
  • Foster a culture of strong values and work culture (Purpose)

Meet the team

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Christopher Gates

SVP, Growth

As a leader of InspireXT’s global sales, marketing, and alliance business sectors, Christopher believes that the key to creating strong organisations lies in building trust and solid, long-term relationships. Christopher brings extensive commercial and solution knowledge to the InspireXT leadership team, having led a variety of market campaigns involving Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft. His past experience includes working both client- side and with global consulting firms such as IBM Consulting, where he was an executive partner.

Kuldeep Thakur

Founder & Managing Director

Kuldeep believes in building authentic, long-term relationships based on trust and respect. As an innovative leader who is always looking for ways to grow, Kuldeep focuses on helping his clients create strong, customer-centric supply chains through digital transformations. He also values sustainable business practices and healthy collaboration, both between internal teams and with his clients.

Manish Popli

Manish Popli

EVP & Europe Leader

As an experienced leader in his field, Manish has the technical understanding and industry knowledge necessary to empower ground-breaking supply chain transformations. Working with our European clients, Manish takes the time needed to understand and support each business’s growth goals.

Rajeev Khazanchi

SVP & North America Leader

Rajeev is an experienced executive skilled at creating strategic technological transformations and market expansions through strategy and P&L management. With deep expertise in cloud-solution implementation throughout the manufacturing, hi-tech, lifesciences, mining, and agriculture industries, Rajeev is adept at building lasting relationships based on commitment and trust.

Samik Kumar

VP & Technology Practice Leader

Samik’s thorough industry knowledge in both the supply chain and manufacturing sectors enables him to support our clients through both business growth and technological implementations. With 27 years of experience in both industries, he excels at helping clients evolve to meet ever-changing customer needs. His areas of expertise include Oracle Applications, AI/ML, Intelligent Automation, and Data.

Santhosh Kumar

VP of Growth Solutions

With 20 years of consulting experience in the IT infrastructure and business applications sphere, Santhosh brings a comprehensive understanding of key best practices and industry trends to InspireXT. Santhosh’s accomplishments include managing various successful business transformations, as well the delivery of many business development projects across a variety of industries.