Our Culture

Living through
our values

Our team genuinely cares about your business.

And we can prove it, not through fancy words and appealing promises but through our actions.

Our team is always focused on your company’s long-term success. Every decision we make, every suggestion we provide, every roadmap we create is based on deep experience and an authentic desire to see you thrive.

Growing every

Growth mindset is central to our company philosophy. As a company, we are believers in constant transformation and continuous improvement. We call it “Transformation in Motion”.

At InspireXT, we are focused on learning, developing, and improving daily. We embrace new opportunities, learn from our challenges, and encourage life-long learning.

Understanding what matters most

We believe solid cultural values start from the top. Our leadership supports internal teams to ensure they have the resources and knowledge necessary to meet your needs.

We value effective teamwork and strong team building at all levels of the company. We work together to make sure all employees have the support they need to thrive. We are also focused on fostering honest, transparent communication, both with our customers and within our teams. We are built on trusting, respectful communication that encourages personal and business growth.

Our values

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity inspires us to create exceptional experiences and enjoyable and collaborative relationships. This is delivered through our engaged & empowered team. Together we thrive & grow.


Integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do, building trust & reliability in all our relationships. It means more than just adhering to ethical standards; it is about being transparent, honest, & consistent in our actions & communications.


Ownership is not just a concept; it is a call to action. Our team feels & enjoys being given the responsibility for their work. It drives us to excel in our roles, taking initiative and delivering excellence, with a profound sense of duty and dedication, regardless of supervision.


Sustainability is integral to our strategic thinking and daily operations, adopting a growth mindset that fosters long-term, positive impact on our community, economy, and the environment. We are committed to practices that not only benefit our stakeholders today but also helps safeguard our collective future.

Our Culture

Our culture is centred around compassion and accountability. We understand that teams with autonomy make the most substantial impact.

Our people are encouraged to voice their opinions, and we are not afraid to share them. As a consultative company, we have the expertise to support long-term growth and will always speak up when your business’ best interests are at stake. We tackle challenges head-on and constantly learn from our clients.

We are not a faceless firm. When engaging with our team, your initiatives will be run with the intent of getting the desired outcomes and transitioning successfully to your teams.

Each team member is accountable to our values and company philosophy, ensuring we are always working towards a transformation that inspires long-term success for all stakeholders.

Our Growth Mindset - AMPlified

Welcome to AMPlify, where we champion the principles of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose, seamlessly integrated with our organisational values and culture. Inspired from Daniel Pink’s “Drive”, our people have collectively curated and carefully designed to support the professional development of our team, while maintaining a strong alignment with our core values.


Using the Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose (AMP) framework:

Autonomy - Directed Empowerment

  • Accountable Autonomy: Encourage our people to navigate work priorities with independence, yet with a keen awareness of our collective aims and shared values. 
  • Innovation with Insight: Bring our unique ideas to life, always aligning with our strategic direction. Here, innovation thrives within the parameters that reflect our standards and ethos.
  • Team Synergy: Exercise autonomy while fostering strong team connections, ensuring our independent efforts complement our united goals.

Mastery - Purposeful Expertise

  • Strategic Development: Building our skills with a clear purpose — to advance our objectives while contributing to our organisational milestones.
  • Expertise with Relevance: Gain proficiency in areas that matter. We provide the tools and opportunities to excel in skills that drive our mutual interests forward.
  • Acknowledged Progress: We value every achievement on the path to mastery, recognising how each step enriches everyone.

Purpose - Intentional Alignment

  • Goal Congruence: Discover the deeper meaning in daily tasks by aligning personal ambitions with overarching goals.
  • Impactful Role: Play a pivotal role in our narrative. Our work is more than a job; it is a vital contribution to our shared success.
  • Cultural Harmony: Be a part of our culture, where meaningful work is celebrated, and everyone’s role is integral to our collective journey.

Begin your AMPlify Adventure, join InspireXT where autonomy is practiced with intention, mastery is achieved with dedication, and purpose is discovered in alignment with our vision. With AMPlify, you are not just pursuing a career; you are shaping a future that is in harmony with our values and ambitions.

Testimonials - aligning with your values

“You need people who have the ability to understand the business first and how it works before jumping to technology implementation. InspireXT’s end-to-end approach is to engage with the business, understand complexities, and help us identify the challenges. Followed by a pragmatic technology-enabled solution that not only works but enables us to adapt it to deliver on our requirements.”

Chief Operating Officer

A Global Luxury Retailer

“An important reason we chose to start working with InspireXT was that we already had a trusting, solid relationship with their team. Their people took the time to build our confidence, both their industry knowledge and their strong dedication to following company values. The benefit of working with InspireXT is we can trust them at their word. They have always done what they said they would. At every stage.”

Richard Chandler

Fellowes’ IT Head of CX and eCommerce

Your values shape your company. Our values do the same.

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