Cloud Infrastructure Assessment

Have you reached a milestone in your cloud adoption and are wondering what to do next? InspireXT assess your current footprint and give you some insight into what is good, what could be done better and what can be done next based on your long-term strategy.

Continual cloud improvement

Assessing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) involves evaluating various aspects of the platform to determine its suitability for your organisation’s needs. OCI is continually evolving with new services and opportunities that may not have been available during initial cloud adoption. With InspireXT, you can re-assess your solution architecture and determine where improvements can be made to the existing infrastructure or where enhancements are needed to support future objectives.

Assessing your solution

Compute services

Evaluation of the types of compute instances in use compared to currently available options. Assess scalability and performance of compute resources and review the pricing model to ascertain if reductions can be made in TCO.

Storage services

Examine storage in use and available options with consideration for data durability, availability, and performance in mind. Evaluate backup and recovery options.


Assess networking capabilities, including VCN, subnets, and security groups as well as load balancing facilities and on-premises connectivity options.


Examine the current security model, providing further recommendations regarding monitoring, logging, and standards adherence.

Database services

Evaluation of database services in use with consideration to performance, scalability, and backup capabilities.

Monitoring and management

Review current tools in use to manage and monitor resources taking into consideration availability of automation and orchestration tools.

Integration and APIs

Examine the options for integrating OCI with other systems and services.

Compliance and Governance

Evaluate compliance including auditing and reporting taking into consideration any industry specific requirements.

Performance & Reliability

Evaluate the overall performance and reliability of the current solution, considering any current or future service-level agreements or support requirements.

Cost Management

Assess the current pricing model and transparency of costs from a reporting, budgeting, and forecasting perspective.

Benefits of infrastructure assessment



Optimise costs associated with resource utilisation via commitment savings or changes in resource types as well as potential to improve overall system performance through new resource types. Ensure resources are appropriately allocated based on workload. Ensure backup and recovery processes are robust and aligned with business continuity goals.



Identify and address vulnerabilities to enhance overall system security and ensure compliance with industry and regulatory standards. Implement best practises to enhance efficiency.



Plan for future growth and scalability requirements. Ensure high availability and fault tolerance.



Identify opportunities to enhance interoperability and streamline processes. Evaluate the integration of the service with other systems.



Identify documentation gaps and rectify to ensure better understanding and management of the system. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing infrastructure, identifying dependencies and relationships between components.



Identify new OCI features and services that can enhance the functionality and efficiency of the existing service.

Why InspireXT

InspireXT are believers in constant transformation and continual improvement. We adopt this growth mindset with respect to ourselves as individuals, as a company, and when you give us the privilege of contributing to your success. We will assess your infrastructure taking into account your journey so far (Where you are) and your future aspirations (where you want to be) , providing you with a meaningful and relevant set of actionable data to refine and build upon your cloud adoption strategy.

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