Managed Services

Managed Services partner of the future

Support is crucial for Digital Transformation, reducing risk, boosting user satisfaction, and ensuring quality. It plays a vital role in continuous improvement, aligning solutions with evolving business needs. InspireXT paves the way for a structured journey toward a mature managed services model, enhancing application security and predicting downtimes.

Transitioning to a higher maturity model leads to high-performing applications for our clients. SLAs ensure superior IT support, offering swift ticket resolution and effective knowledge management. Leveraging experience and insights, InspireXT’s support approach aims for high-quality outcomes, surpassing customer expectations.

Core services

  • Incident management
  • Problem management
  • Change and Release management.
  • Quarterly patch management
  • Across global time zones with agreed SLAs

Flexible resourcing models

Diverse resourcing models on offer like dedicated, core-flex, buffer investments, named and unnamed capacity, retention, and shift management.

Governance and reporting

Governance includes escalation management and reporting to various layers across operations, management and executives.

Tailored solutions

Recognizing the uniqueness of your business, our Managed Services are customized to fit your specific needs. From routine maintenance to strategic enhancements, we craft solutions that evolve with your business.

Security and compliance

Our adherence to stringent security measures and compliance standards provides confidence that your solution instance remains a fortress against potential threats.

Maximize your ROI with InspireXT’s strategic Managed Services approach

Enhanced application

Rationalize the portfolio and retire legacy applications to save maintenance costs while increase user access to mobile and cloud-based technologies with continuous innovation.

Create a culture of knowledge management

Develop best practices of ITSM knowledge management and link them directly with incident/problem resolution for quicker resolution and reduce reliance on manual resources.

Data driven continuous improvements

Capture and analyze ticket related data using ITSM tools to analyze trends, criticality and then predict future volumes to ensure improved workflows and
resource allocation.

Managed Services evolution



  • UAT based transition.
  • Preparation for Knowledge Acquisition
  • Key role in hyper care support
  • Handling system adoption and user training related tickets



  • Establish integrated L1 to L3 support process for incident and problem management.
  • ITSM tool enabled for right data capture.
    Measurement framework established.
  • Well defined governance in place with reviews
  • Stable ticket load


Optimize & transform

  • Early evidence of cost saving
  • Further productivity levels implemented.
  • Customer involvement only in escalations and reviews
  • Initiatives demonstration around
    • Automation
    • AI
    • Support user experience
    • Improved ITSM tool usage

Empowering your cloud journey

Cloud application Managed Services

InspireXT offers comprehensive application support Managed Services for Cloud Applications users, catering to those transitioning from E-Business or other software vendors. Our services ensure seamless operations and optimal performance for your Cloud experience.

On-premise to on-cloud migration

Imagine an effortlessly efficient E-Business Suite, tailored to your needs. InspireXT's managed services bring this to life, ensuring enhanced performance, streamlined processes, and unparalleled service. Experience the InspireXT difference—unleash your E-Business Suite's full potential.

Infrastructure and database Managed Services

Move beyond monitoring to anticipation with InspireXT's Advanced Managed Services for Cloud. Our 24/7 expert team takes ownership of everything—from infrastructure to databases and applications. Benefit from proactive health reports, optimized performance, and actionable insights. Master your cloud; let us handle complexities while you focus on business growth with peace of mind.


Mastering Integration Cloud, we ensure seamless migration, implementation, and ongoing support. Connect any service—SAP, PeopleSoft, PayPal, on-premises systems—with our robust connectivity agents. Whether it's cutting-edge mobile/web apps or leveraging chatbots, blockchain, or IoT, we're your integration champions. Partner with InspireXT, unlock comprehensive integration, and watch your business soar.

PaaS and customizations

Forget installation, configuration, or maintenance worries. InspireXT handles infrastructure logistics, simulates your environment in the cloud, and ensures robust operational security. You focus on development; we manage the technical complexities. Craft innovative applications with confidence, knowing your cloud foundation is expertly handled.


Oracle Application Managed Services

Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, Agile PLM, E-Business Suite

Infrastructure/ Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Application Servers, and Oracle Database


Oracle Integration Cloud, Mulesoft

Oracle PaaS and Customizations

Oracle APEX, Oracle VBCS, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle BI Publisher

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