CPQ and Billing

With Salesforce CPQ, we streamline and simplify your quote-to-cash process so your team can sell effortlessly and concentrate on your customers.

Speed up your deal closure with InspireXT

InspireXT helps you accelerate deal closure, streamlining the entire lifecycle for maximum productivity. From effective quote generation to tailored billing, this transformative tool enhances customer experiences, drives revenue growth with industry excellence across manufacturing, hospitality, life sciences, retail, and healthcare sectors.

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Streamline quote to cash process

Salesforce CPQ and Billing can help you streamline the entire lifecycle, reducing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency. From quote creation to revenue recognition, every step is optimized for maximum productivity.

Cross-selling and upselling

Analyses customer selections and recommends complementary products and services. By tailoring offerings based on customer preferences, you can effortlessly increase deal size and revenue, creating a more customer-centric and value-driven experience for your clients.

Renewal management

With Salesforce CPQ & Billing you can easily sends renewal reminders and generates renewal quotes to ensure that clients are well-informed and well-prepared, minimizing the chances of missed opportunities for recurring revenue.

Personalized billing for customers

Craft tailor-made billing options that consider factors like volume discounts, contract terms, and promotions. This not only fosters stronger relationships but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing transparent and personalized billing experiences.

Quote-to-bill accuracy

Automate the quote generation and billing process for accurate, error-free bills and proposals, eliminating manual data entry errors and inconsistencies. This reduces the risk of pricing mistakes and customer disputes for a smoother customer experience.

Improves sales performance

Facilitates automated quote generation, dynamic pricing adjustments, and real-time insights. This empowers your sales team to close deals faster, exceed targets, and make informed decisions for sustainable growth.

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Order placement

Initiate the Order-to-Cash effortlessly. As customers place orders, either manually or through automated systems, Order Placement captures and integrates the data to kickstart the efficient processing of the order lifecycle.

Credit management

Ensure financial stability through comprehensive credit management. Credit Management conducts a thorough review of the customer’s credit, assessing their ability to pay and laying the foundation for secure and reliable transactions.

Order fulfillment

Streamline the inventory cheque process for order fulfillment. Order Fulfillment maintains sufficient inventory on hand and notifies customers of any potential shipping delays, maintaining transparency throughout.

Order shipping

Expedite the shipping process post-credit approval. Order Shipping coordinates with the shipping department to pull, pack, and prepare shipments for delivery, maintaining a smooth transition from order confirmation to product delivery.

Billing and invoicing

Experience a smooth transition to billing and invoicing post-delivery. Billing & Invoice generates invoices promptly, whether physical or electronic, marking each transaction for easy tracking and reconciliation.

Payments and collections

Facilitate timely payments and effective collections management. It automates reminders for due payments, allowing for proactive measures to maintain a steady cash flow for your business.

Revenue recognition

Streamline revenue recognition by matching received payments with open invoices. Revenue Recognition records and archives transactions flawlessly in your general ledger, contributing accurate financial reporting and compliance.

Industry excellence unleashed: Salesforce CPQ & Billing in action


Salesforce CPQ & Billing accelerates manufacturing operations by providing accurate quotes for complex product configurations. Real-time insights optimize supply chain management, and smoothly integration fosters a unified view of customer data for informed decision-making.


Salesforce CPQ & Billing transforms retail with automated quote generation and optimized pricing strategies. Mobile accessibility empowers sales teams to engage customers effectively, providing an error-free and personalized shopping experience.

Life Sciences

Salesforce CPQ & Billing supports compliance and simplifies operations. Accurate contract management and handling of complex pricing structures are streamlined. The renewal management module identifies upsell opportunities, ensuring a sustainable revenue stream.


Salesforce CPQ & Billing simplifies recurring service billing and facilitates error-free invoicing. Analytics and reporting capabilities provide actionable insights for improved patient care and financial performance. Streamlined billing allows service teams to focus on delivering quality care and maintaining a steady cash flow.


Salesforce CPQ & Billing automates the quote generation process, facilitating accurate proposals and flexible billing options. Dynamic pricing adapts to market changes, enhancing competitiveness. Collaboration between sales and service teams creates a tailored experience from reservations to check-out.

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