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Connected IntelligenceXT

The absence of a conversational UI can limit the ability to provide personalized and consistent interactions, as human agents may have varying levels of knowledge and expertise. Additionally, many existing chatbot development platforms present challenges in terms of usability, chatbot management, slower development, and inadequate features such as built-in analytics and cross-platform integrations. Connected IntelligenceXT simplifies the process of creating and deploying intelligent chatbots with advanced capabilities and plenty of in-built features. With our platform, you can develop engaging chatbot interactions, to elevate an application’s experience, enabling seamless and efficient user engagement. Connected IntelligenceXT creates a dynamic environment where users can easily interact, explore, and maximize the benefits of the application.

Our solution

Deliver unparalleled conversational intelligence and personalized assistance across your Supply Chain with lightning-fast data access. Connected IntelligenceXT can revolutionize the user experience and data accessibility within Supply Chain functions. Connected IntelligenceXT empowers users with a seamless conversational interface, facilitating effortless interaction across diverse Supply Chain functions while enabling real-time data access. Whether it is tracking orders, resolving inquiries, or providing inventory updates, our platform can deliver a superior user experience by offering instant, personalized assistance. With the ability to integrate with various systems and databases, Connected IntelligenceXT empowers users with swift access to critical Supply Chain information, facilitating informed decision-making and boosting overall operational efficiency. Through their intuitive and efficient interactions, chatbots reshape the Supply Chain landscape, elevating user experiences and transforming data accessibility for enhanced performance.


Enhance the conversational experience by leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With our platform, you can apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable contextual engagement with human users by analyzing their input to deliver intelligent and prioritized responses. Your systems will be able to interpret and respond to user queries in a more human-like manner, taking into account the context and providing tailored and relevant information, ultimately enhancing the user experience Connected Supply ChainXT.

Use our platform’s prebuilt integrations and API capabilities to automate daily tasks

Prebuilt integrations and robust API capabilities with industry-leading platforms such as Oracle, Salesforce, Facebook, Slack, and Google Assistant can help your users seamlessly automate their daily tasks. Whether it is syncing calendars, managing appointments, or coordinating across multiple platforms, these integrations provide a comprehensive automation solution that simplifies and accelerates daily tasks for users across various platforms and applications.

In-built testing and usage analytics features to track the platform’s performance

With the built-in testing features, you can assess the overall performance of conversational systems by testing various functionalities such as the system's speed and accuracy in generating responses, its level of intelligence in understanding user queries, and the overall conversational flow. Additionally, usage analytics provide valuable insights into user satisfaction, helping identify areas for improvement and optimizing the system's performance.

Revolutionize dialog by building smarter chatbots using Generative AI

Our chatbot building platform harnesses the power of generative AI to create highly interactive and intelligent chatbots. Users can either use our platform’s generative AI capability or integrate with ChatGPT to use its generative AI capability. This advanced technology enables our bots to understand and respond to user queries with remarkable accuracy and human-like fluency. This results in a more engaging and personalized user experience, as the bots can handle a wide range of topics and adapt their responses based on the context of the conversation.

Accelerate data management and automate error handling

With our platform, you can also streamline essential tasks such as ETL, data cleansing, and analysis to expedite data migration between systems or to the cloud while automating repetitive activities such as patch testing and responsive & recovery processes in error handling. This approach boosts efficiency and enables faster and more reliable data management processes.

Automate incident management to boost customer satisfaction

Our platform offers automated incident creation, status reporting, escalation, and knowledge management functionalities, empowering users to efficiently manage incidents. With the ability to create incident records, monitor ongoing incidents, escalate when needed, and access relevant information for resolution, the platform streamlines incident management, saving time and enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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