Experience Cloud

Craft online experiences that align with your company’s brand for customers, partners, and employees using Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Personalization, customization and integration for YOU!

We help you empower your users to access tailored information and make decisions without connecting with anyone through a self-service portal. It is designed for effortless interactions to connect businesses with customers, partners, and employees, fostering loyalty and driving business success.

Streamlining collaboration with Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Customization of portal and listing

With the customization of portal and listing module, tailor the appearance of your site, choosing layouts, themes, and configurations to align flawlessly with your brand identity.


Take control of your audience's interaction with your site, delivering only relevant information that resonates with users' interests and needs. The Audience Targeting feature allows for site variations tailored to different user groups.

Community creation and management

Salesforce Experience Cloud facilitates the creation and management of digital spaces or communities where customers, employees, and partners can connect, collaborate, and share knowledge. These customizable communities serve as centralized hubs for discussions, content sharing, service case management, and even direct purchases.

Facilitating effortless collaboration

Experience Cloud facilitates the effortless extension of your business operations, breaking down barriers between internal teams, partners, and customers. This collaboration cultivates collective synchronized efforts, creating a dynamic environment where innovation flourishes.

Integrating third-party data

Experience Cloud integrates critical information from external providers, enriching your platform with valuable insights such as orders and financial data. This synergy empowers your decision-making processes, enhancing operational efficiency and providing a comprehensive view of your business landscape.

Compiling narrative with Salesforce CMS

Experience transformative user engagement with Salesforce CMS. Empower your organization to create, organize, and deliver individualized and immersive content, captivating users and establishing a dynamic online presence. Elevate your content strategy for lasting impressions in the evolving digital landscape.

InspireXT empowering alliances and elevating results

Centralized data management

Unify your sales, marketing, and support teams within Experience Cloud, fostering a culture of reduced data redundancy, accurate reporting, enhanced productivity, and seamless service delivery. Experience Cloud acts as the single source of truth, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility across your entire organization.

Customer account portal

Foster customer loyalty and satisfaction with the Customer Account Portal module. This portal provides a centralized space for customers to manage their accounts, access bespoke information, and engage with your brand, enhancing overall customer experience.

Digital Help Center & FAQ Portal

Empower your users with self-service capabilities through the Digital Help Center & FAQ Portal module. It provides a centralized knowledge base where users can find answers, access FAQs, and share insights, reducing support queries and enhancing user autonomy.

Ideas & voting

This powerful feature enables users to contribute ideas, fostering a culture of innovation. With a streamlined voting process, identify the most impactful concepts and transform them into actionable initiatives.

Experience Builder

Tailor your digital spaces or communities to align with your brand aesthetics and the unique needs of different user groups. From discussions and content sharing to service case management, this module serves as a centralized hub for collaborative interactions.

Chatter integration

Elevate internal communication to drive results with Chatter integration. Experience real-time collaboration, streamlined discussions, and efficient file sharing that translates into increased productivity, enhanced team cohesion, and measurable business impact.

Partner Portal

Strengthen partner relationships and drive business success with the Partner Portal module. Enhance collaboration, streamline communication, and witness measurable results in partner engagement, resource sharing, and mutual success.

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Salesforce Experience Cloud revolutionizes collaboration in manufacturing. It establishes digital hubs for real-time communication, supply chain tracking, and innovation through Idea & Voting. Customization options create personalized portals for customers and partners, driving efficiency and innovation.


Salesforce Experience Cloud is a game-changer for retail. It powers Customer Account Portals, microsites, and landing pages, creating personalized customer interactions and boosting sales. Chatter Integration enhances internal communication, ensuring an agile retail environment.

Life Science

The Salesforce Experience Cloud transforms collaboration and compliance. It streamlines communication, accelerates innovation through Chatter Integration, and ensures compliance with Learning and onboarding. The platform becomes instrumental in research excellence.


The Salesforce Experience Cloud enhances patient care. Secure portals offer appointment scheduling and medical record access. The Digital Help Center aids patient support, and Community Builder fosters collaboration among healthcare teams. The result: improved patient engagement and operational efficiency.


Salesforce Experience Cloud elevates guest experiences. Bespoke portals offer effortless access to reservations and services, while the Digital Help Center ensures instant information access. The Employee Community module fosters a responsive and cohesive workforce.

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