Manufacturing Cloud

With InspireXT, streamline the connection between production, sales, and planning across your ecosystem, ensuring the sustained efficiency of your business.

Unleash the potential of manufacturing cloud with InspireXT

Manage sales agreements, forecast with precision, and unite customer interactions for a transformative experience. InspireXT, backed by extensive experience in Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, facilitates seamless integration, turning data into actionable insights and crafting a manufacturing experience marked by unparalleled efficiency and meaningful outcomes.

Innovate, integrate & illuminate the powerhouse of manufacturing cloud

Improved sales forecast accuracy

Achieve higher accuracy in sales forecasts with real-time data integration and intelligent forecasting capabilities. Enhance resource planning, optimize costs, and meet customer demands efficiently.

Effective demand planning

Leverage forecasting tools to plan for future demand and optimize inventory levels. Prevent overproduction, reduce costs, and ensure timely product delivery.

Collaborative sales and operations planning (S & OP)

Foster collaboration between sales and operations teams. Align strategic goals with production capabilities, ensuring a synchronized approach to meet customer demand efficiently.

Streamlined quotation process

Integrate with CPQ for quick and accurate quotation creation. Ensure pricing consistency, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration with ERP

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, aligning sales forecasts with production plans, procurement, and inventory management. Eliminate the risk of lost sales due to inventory shortages and improve overall operational efficiency.

Dive deep into Salesforce manufacturing cloud's dynamic modules

Sales agreements

Sales Agreement helps you to collaborate with a single source of truth, combining ERP data with customer-negotiated terms for a comprehensive view of relationships, planned volumes, and revenues.

Account-based forecasting

Elevate forecasting with a unified view that unites planning, sales, finance, and operations. Develop faster, accurate forecasts for new opportunities and ongoing business sales agreements. Customize algorithms with Formula Builder for precise insights.

CRM for manufacturing

Extend Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for a unified view of customer activity. Proactively manage customer relationships with real-time visibility into the sales process, key accounts, and service issues, empowering responsive actions.

Community cloud for manufacturing

Accelerate planning through digital collaboration. Integrate Community Cloud for real-time visibility and collaboration tools, reducing planning latency and enhancing forecast accuracy through seamless collaboration.

Einstein analytics for manufacturing

Transform operations with actionable insights on a customizable platform. Einstein Analytics enhances the Manufacturing Cloud with intelligent predictions, recommendations, and insights into sales agreements, account health, pricing, and product performance.

Connect front office to back office

Ensure real-time, accurate views with ERP connectors and templates in MuleSoft at any point. Simplify order information capture, reducing integration complexity and unifying the front and back office for enhanced efficiency.

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