Supply Chain Management Cloud (SCM)

Supply Chain Management Cloud

Effective Supply Chain Management requires a deep understanding of the entire Supply Chain, as well as the ability to identify and mitigate risks, optimize processes, and leverage technology to improve visibility and efficiency.

We specializes in implementing Oracle SCM Cloud and offer a compelling proposition to deliver business benefits and operational efficiencies.

Oracle SCM Cloud enables organizations to transform their end-to-end value chains and enhances customer experiences. All cloud applications are integrated through the underlying data schema and overall system architecture.

Order Management & multi-channel orchestration

This solution optimizes Supply Chain processes, enhancing the order-to-cash business workflow. With robust integration capabilities, it boosts order accuracy, accelerates fulfillment, and minimizes billing errors, ultimately driving sales growth and ensuring customer retention for organizations seeking streamlined operations and improved efficiency.

Inventory & Cost Management

Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Service streamlines flow of goods across business organizations and it effectively manages material control by enabling efficient inbound and outbound warehouse flow management. Oracle Cost Management helps to effectively manage the product costing, manufacturing, and inventory accounting business flows using automated rules-based engines and efficient cost processors tuned for high volume transaction environments.

Procurement Management

Oracle Procurement Cloud is a holistic solution that – goes beyond issuing and tracking requisitions and purchase orders. Oracle procurement cloud delivers comprehensive direct and indirect sourcing, purchasing, and supplier management across any modern Supply Chain management system, including most aspects of supplier qualification and management.

InspireXT team will collaborate with you to craft a tailored implementation roadmap, aligning with your existing application landscape and business priorities. This plan ensures a smooth transition to the new application landscape, minimizing business risk, ensuring predictability, lowering overall costs, and addressing need for transition steps.

Key components of Supply Chain & Manufacturing Cloud

This involves creating a strategy for the supply chain, including identifying suppliers, determining inventory levels, and forecasting demand.


This involves identifying suppliers and negotiating contracts for the purchase of raw materials and other necessary inputs.

This involves the actual production of goods, including managing inventory levels and ensuring quality control throughout the process.

Trade Management

This involves the transportation of finished goods to customers or distribution centers, as well as managing inventory levels and ensuring timely delivery.

Benefits of Supply Chain Management

Real-time visibility

Allows for real-time visibility into the entire Supply Chain, from raw materials to finished products. This visibility enables businesses to identify potential disruptions and take proactive measures to prevent them, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Improved collaboration

Well-integrated Supply Chain Management facilitates improved collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. By sharing data and insights in real-time, stakeholders can make informed decisions and work together to optimize the Supply Chain, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Increased efficiency

Also, it allows for increased efficiency through automation and optimization. By leveraging technologies such as IoT, Natural Al, etc. businesses can streamline processes and reduce manual interventions, resulting in faster delivery times, reduced costs, and improved accuracy.

Data-driven decision making

Provides businesses with access to vast amounts of data, which can be analyzed and used to make data-driven decisions. By leveraging this data, businesses can identify trends, optimize processes, and make informed decisions that result in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profits.

Overall, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Cloud help design a robust architecture and solution for following business processes.

  • Idea to commercialization
  • Forecast to plan
  • Source to settle
  • Order to cash
  • Plan to produce

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