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Revolutionise e-commerce with personalised customer journeys, robust order management, and adaptability to market trends. We not only streamline the online shopping experience but also infuse life into your online presence, that every purchase an experience, every transaction smooth, and every customer journey memorable

Salesforce commerce cloud - InspireXT's secret sauce for digital triumph

Efficient operations, exceptional results

Streamline your operations with a scalable and flexible platform. Achieve operational excellence in managing inventory, processing orders, and adapting to market changes, resulting in exceptional business outcomes.

Tailored brand experience

Elevate your brand identity with a platform that allows you to craft a customer centric and immersive shopping experience. From customisable storefronts to unique branding elements, every detail is a reflection of your brand's essence.

AI-driven smart recommendations

Delight your customers with intelligent product recommendations. AI algorithms analyses customer behaviour to offer individualised suggestions, creating a shopping experience that feels uniquely tailored to everyone.

Responsive mobile design

Ensure your brand stays in the palm of your customers' hands. The solution guarantees a effective and responsive mobile experience, empowering your audience to engage with your brand effortlessly, no matter the device.

Global Commerce Expertise

Salesforce Commerce Cloud supports multi-language, multi-currency, and localised experiences, allowing you to connect with customers globally while maintaining a consistent brand message.

Multi-channel engagement for maximum Reach

The Experience Cloud supports multi-channel engagement, allowing users to access communities and portals through web, mobile, and various digital channels, establishing a connecting experience across touchpoints.

A journey of transformation with InspireXT!

Order management

Seamlessly integrate and automate your order fulfilment processes, from order creation to shipment tracking to payment process, establishing a flawless and efficient supply chain.

B2C commerce cloud

Craft personalised shopping experiences that captivate customers, enhance product discoverability, and drive conversions through a feature-rich and dynamic B2C commerce solution.

Marketing cloud integration

Achieve marketing prowess by integrating Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Marketing Cloud. Harness the power of customer data to deliver highly targeted and customer centric marketing campaigns, fostering customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Salesforce B2B commerce

Redefine B2B transactions with the Salesforce B2B Commerce module. Simplify intricate purchasing processes, enrich buyer experiences, and cultivate lasting customer relationships in the dynamic and evolving B2B landscape.

Composable storefront

Ignite your creativity with the Composable Storefront module, comprising two distinct features – the PWA Kit and Managed Run Time. These components offer a swift avenue to launch a contemporary, fully decoupled web store, paving the way for a connecting headless commerce experience.

Commerce cloud Einstein

Infuse intelligence into your e-commerce strategy through the power of Commerce Cloud Einstein. Leverage AI-driven insights to optimise product recommendations, deliver personalised customer experiences, and propel your business growth to new heights.

Commerce cloud digital

Propel your digital commerce initiatives forward with the Commerce Cloud Digital module. Navigate the omnichannel landscape, connecting with customers across various touchpoints and staying ahead in the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital realm.

Industry transformation with Salesforce commerce cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud optimises B2B transactions, streamlining supply chains. Teams enhance order processes, manage inventory efficiently, and foster customer relationships. Marketing leverages individualised experiences for targeted promotions and gains insights into customer preferences.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud enhances the retail customer journey by unifying online and in-store experiences. Teams manage inventory, offer individualised recommendations, and execute targeted promotions. Marketing analyses customer behaviour for customer-centric campaigns that drive engagement and loyalty.
Life Sciences
Salesforce Commerce Cloud facilitates online sales, order tracking, and compliance management in life sciences. Sales teams benefit from efficient order management, ensuring regulatory compliance. Marketing disseminates critical information, engages professionals, and tailors campaigns, improving outreach and customer relationships.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud streamlines healthcare operations, enabling teams to manage appointments, process payments, and enhance patient satisfaction. Marketing disseminates health information, engages patients with customised content, and implements targeted campaigns, fostering a stronger connection between healthcare providers and patients.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud transforms guest experiences, enabling teams to manage reservations and customised interactions. Marketing utilises customer data for targeted promotions, loyalty programmes, and personalised communications, enhancing guest satisfaction and revenue.

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